Looking for online job?

A job without a boss?

ork at your own preferred time?


Then you have come to the right place right here in my blog!:-)

What is this job?

It's called PTC or Paid-to-click. These are websites that offers job for those who want to earn extra cash online. Advertisers pays to display their ads and PTC website consumers click on and view these ads.

How to start?

Step 1: Create an e-mail. Preferably a gmail account.
(Do not use your personal email.)

Step 2: Create a personal/individual account in ALERTPAY and PAYPAL for free. Just click the banners below. You can get your PTC earnings though these online money processors once you have reached the minimum payout.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Step3: Click on my PTC banners and then register for free. Do not forget to bookmark all your PTC sites or you can bookmark my blog for your reference.:-) Register to as many PTC sites as you can for more earnings.

Step4: Log-in to your account and start clicking ads. Wait for the timer to finish before viewing the next ad. You can do this at the same time to different PTC sites.

Step5: Do step4 everyday to speed up your earnings.

Step6: Cash out your money once you have reached the minimum payout.

Sample Computation of Earnings:
(with 50 ads clicked per day)

Rate per click:$0.01
Rate per referral click:$0.005

If you have NO referral:
$0.01 x 50 ads= $0.50/day=$15/month
This is your earnings just with your clicks.

If you have 10 referrals:
$0.005 x 50 ads= $0.25/day=$75/month

Total Earnings from you + 10 referrals=

Imagine if you got more than 10 referrals and you do the same thing in all your PTC sites. Then you have the potential to earn more. My earning is not as big as this because I am just a newbie. Not bad for a newbie though and to think that I just stayed at home and doing this any time I can:-)

Remember this: PATIENCE is the KEY to SUCCESS!

So what are you waiting for? Happy clicking to all!

**coming soon. :-)
***Payments received will be posted on 16-01-2010